We are the architects of escapade, testers of fears, experience junkies, incident programmers, occurrence designers, happening constructors, stunt stagers, caper inducers, quest controllers and crusade starters. crusade starters.

We believe in two things, communities and theatre.

We feel each is strongest and most resilient when the two are brought together.

We work in the Art form of Happenings (Akin to Dada and Surrealism) we mischievously combine diverse, alogical elements to blur the boundary between art and life, wilfully eschewing the notion of ‘fine art.’

We are one of the few theatre companies that create work on a ongoing / durational basis that evolves directly through participation. We supply the environment and stimulus, but we allow groups to take control of the action and develop it for themselves. It’s much closer to imaginative play than it is didactic theatre. Each person creating, developing and increasing its size by getting more and more people involved.

Who we are

Jono Gadsby - Artistic Director.

A Theatre Director for twelve years, Jono has strived to not allow his learning difficulties to limit the achievements of his professional career; and has gone on to support and nurture other diverse artists creating a successful Associate Artist network whilst Artistic Director of the Bradford Playhouse. Directing credits include Theatres in London, The West End, Bruges and Bradford.

Clare Gadsby - Producer.

Clare has been an Actor and Theatre Producer for ten years, creating projects as a Wife and Husband team with Jono. Working as part of the Playhouse Management team and freelance producing work on the London Fringe, Europe and the West End.