Red Bill's Air Race

Bill can’t fly; because he’s a rubber duck - (Don’t tell him). He is now searching for the best pilots to work with and teach him. His search is coming to Bradford and we think you may be his best chance.  

If you are interested in becoming a pilot and can build paper planes then come and work with our engineers, ground crew and flight attendants. They are the best scientists, aviation experts and paper folding champions that Bill could find.

Then get in some practice for next comes the real challenge, the Air Race.

Can you pilot your plane from one of our launch platforms high above the Festival? Are you brave enough? Are you Bill’s star pilot? Will you take the record? Let’s find out.

The Aquaphobic Aliens

In space, just beyond the reach of telescopes is an Alien Ship; its Sat Nav set to Earth with orders to invade.

Working with local press and social media, a campaign of watching and updates follow alongside the build up to your event until all fears come true and on the day we announce "THEY HAVE LANDED"

The good news is that Scientists have found that the aliens hate wet sponges; so armed with 5,000 of them, we are fully prepared for the alien invasion. Let the sponge fight commence!

The piece was developed as an intervention within the Mirror Pool in the City Centre of Bradford as part of the Bradford Festival 2015. A site-specific response to site and the unifying effect of the water we worked with Bradford Council to enhance the space by creating an intervention that brought focus and interest to the festival.

Escape From the Invisible Zoo

We have an emergency! The invisible animals have escaped. We are going to need many, many children to help lure the animals back into their cages.

Developing our fourth production and following the success of The Alien Invasion we have kept our trade-mark 'call to arms.' this time by George our Animal Handler.

Meeting him driving our three-carriage zoo train he charges families with helping to return his animals home before either the Boss notices or someone gets eaten.

A task made harder by forgetful George not remembering what animals he brought and the fact that they are invisible.

Working with George in small groups the piece leads into a detective investigation, using clues left by the animals to identify who they are and how they may be tempted home.

Set around our roaming 25ft long Zoo Train with Lion Cage, Aviary and Bath, (with working shower)

This Happening combines storytelling with improvisation from our audiences and actors equally.

The Great Duck Hunt

Famous as the Yellow Duck, Charlie, as seen in bathtubs around the world has been DUCKNAPPED! We are seeking new secret agents to search for him. He is particularly scared of Adults and thus we are seeking agents who are children who can coax him out effectively.

Applicants must be willing to use clues given, approach people and ask them questions and be able to recognise a rubber duck when they see one; even one in disguise.

The event may appear the same as it has always done but let me tell you a secret. This is not the case. Out there is a series of special in disguise agents working to help solve the mystery of the missing duck. Your aim will be to approach these people in secret. After all, we would not want mass panic that the duck is missing. Do you know a child who can help rescue and bring home our beloved Charlie?